Ibiza & Mallorca, Spain

Ibiza inspirational shooting

“Gone with the wind.” That’s my title for this inspirational wedding photo shoot in Salinas, Ibiza.

As an Ibiza based wedding photographer, I had a vision for the inspirational shooting right on the beach for a long time. When I met Serafina, a wedding planner with a strong sense of professionalism, care, and an eye for detail, our ideas “clicked”! 

Serafina and I had planned this event for two months. April weather in Ibiza is normally quite nice, but the week of the shoot was like a hurricane! The wind was so strong when our team arrived on the beach that we literally had to hold down plates and glasses on the table… otherwise, everything would fly away!

On top of the wind, it was also very cold. The model Anastasia, who was our beautiful bride, was freezing in her white dress. But as a professional model, she did not say a word about being uncomfortable. Maybe this was because she was working with her handsome true-life husband, who kept her warm in his arms…

The only person who had a great fun with the wind was our videographer. For video any movement is great! She filmed the waves, the flying tablecloth, the flapping veil, the flowing wedding dress, dancing flowers…  Luckily, I also caught a few fantastic flying moments, as you will notice in the gallery below.

The Ibiza wedding planner, Serafima, did a great job organizing everything and everybody, and also all the furniture and flowers right on the beach. All of her vendors were also perfect. Considering the weather, I think we did great as a team and managed to get an amazing photo and video coverage. Thanks everybody! 

Planning & Styling: Serafina Weddings & Masha Kart

Flowers: Ibiza Flowers

Videographer: Masha Films

Makeup & Hair: Anai Perez 

Rentals: The Ibiza Chair Company

Stationary: Lovers Love Loving

Dress: Mluz Moda