Ibiza & Mallorca, Spain



About Masha Kart

My first love was paint. After graduating from the University of Applied Arts in Germany I started a series of oil paint collections to that was exhibited in galleries around the world. After a show in Los Angeles, I had a unique opportunity to photograph a wedding.

Wedding photography slowly became a way to balance my classic art education with a love for beauty and exciting new digital technology. I wanted to capture timeless wedding stories as if in a dream and combine photojournalism, editorial scenes and relaxed portraits with perfect aesthetics, perfect angles and perfect moments. There is so much positive energy and emotion in a wedding that can only be 'painted' with a camera, and capturing this beauty with sophisticated photography became a pleasure.

Fine art wedding photography is challenging for a perfectionist, even when working in the malleable world of digital photography. I am lucky to have modeled for prominent European photographers, as these early experiences made me understand the unique connection between photographer and model. This connection is foundational, because if you feel connected, beauty and essence will come through photographs. Perfection still motivates me, but I've learned to embrace more the raw beauty of authentic emotion and connection.

I do not use filters with digital photography, and I do not like trendy editing. I prefer my images clean, timeless and elegant. The amazing warmth and color of film photography have opened my world to the possibilities of light and texture. There is something magical about film that, for all of the digital's benefits, film remains irreplaceable.

Becoming an Ibiza wedding photographer has been an exciting and unique journey. I've lived and worked in Germany, Italy, Russia, Indonesia, Japan and California. I speak fluent English, German and Russian. I now run my photo studio in Ibiza, and I shoot destination weddings in Mallorca, Formentera, Santorini, Germany, Provence, Vienna, Los Angeles, etc.. I frequently travel for work, but Ibiza is my home.


Deep Inspiration: classic & modern art, fashion, cinematography

Love: American husband, beautiful baby daughter, and Californian golden retriever

Meals: gourmet

David Bowie: best

Designer: Comme des Garcons, Alexander McQueen

Traveling: always

Will return to oil painting, someday...


My style is a combination of fine art, reportage, editorial & fun! My desire is to make my couple is feeling comfortable, the bride appears at her best version of herself. I am aiming to tell a beautiful story of your day, with images that are classy, timeless and full of emotions.